M.D. Pharmacy is an independently owned, full-service pharmacy in Morristown, Jefferson City and Newport. We opened the Morristown location in 2011, the Jefferson City location in 2016, and the Newport location in 2019.


 Our Staff:

John Jones Pharm.D.

Justin Kickliter Pharm.D.

Josh Blake Pharm.D.

Jarrod Vick Pharm.D.

Bowe Craine Pharm.D.

MacKenzie Broome Pharm.D.

Aaron Rudolph Flinchum Pharm.D.

Brooke Mills, Pharmacy Intern

Hanna Mullins, Pharmacy Intern

Shannon Shultz, Regional Sales Manager

Lea Anna Ramsey, Sales Professional

Shara Darnell, Sales Professional

Nanci Henegar, Sales Professional

Summer Brown, Sales Professional

Anthony Rodriguez, Sales Professional

Shelly Adkins C.Ph.T.

Sonja Rutherford C.Ph.T.

Christina Clevenger C.Ph.T.

Mashal Varney C.Ph.T.

Emily Lowery C.Ph.T.

Ashley Garretson C.Ph.T.

Katie Gilbert C.Ph.T.

Whitney Finley C.Ph.T.

James Day C.Ph.T.

Valerie Buckner C.Ph.T.

Thaydra Tipton C.PH.T.

James Langston C.PH.T.

Stephanie Whetstone, Technician

LaSha Miller, Technician

Shae Browning, Technician

Kaylee Ratliff, Technician

Rebecca Trent, Technician

Danielle Briggs, Technician

Katelyn Long, Technician

Breanna Sellars, Technician

Miranda Chambers, Technician

Ashtyn Keller, Technician

Erica Williams, Technician

Abby McCurry, Technician

Hershel Williams, Delivery Driver

Jonathan Snodderly, Delivery Driver

Michael Graves, Delivery Driver

Bobby Jinks, Delivery Driver

Eugene Widener, Delivery Driver

Melanie Masoner, Customer Service

Angela Smith, Customer Service

Leigh Anne Lakins, Bookkeeper

Tammy Thompson, Office Assistant