Superior Packaging Solutions
Our customizable compliance packaging keeps medications air-tight, while our unique labeling system includes important information like the name, strength, quantity, physical description, and photo of each drug contained in the calendar card.
Color-Coded Synchronization System

Medications are organized into detailed color-coded calendar cards and customized to a patient’s individual needs.

  • Sturdy, color-coded calendar cards indicate the time of day when medications should be taken
  • Custom laser labels have compliance details clearly printed on all touchpoints
  • Customizable number of days in calendar card
Secure, Detachable Dose Cups

With standard or high capacity dose cup options, Medicine-On-Time’s signature packaging accommodates patients with varying medication regimens.

  • Contains the exact meds the patient needs to take, labeled with the time to take them
  • Capacity for up to 12 medications in one high capacity dose cup
  • Compliance details clearly printed on each dose cup