Free Home Delivery

Too busy to pick up your prescription? No worries! M.D. Pharmacy can deliver them to you at no additional cost. All of our locations offer FREE delivery service to basically all of East Tennessee, and we make sure that you are able to get the medications that you need no matter what! If you need your medicines delivered to your door, just ask. Please have your medications called in before 10:00 A.M. to guarantee same-day delivery.

$4 List

Want unbeatable prices? We match ALL $4 lists and promise the best prices in the Lakeway/Smoky Mountain region. Additionally, we always take the time to find any applicable coupons to reduce the cost of your prescriptions even further.

Medication Synchronization

Want us to fill all your meds on the same day each month? A patient is much more likely to remember their refills if they all fall due on the same day each month. We will gladly sync your meds and bring them to your doorstep.

Prescription Transfers

Want us to be your pharmacy? It’s EASY to transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacies to any M.D. Pharmacy. All we need is the phone number of the other pharmacy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Automatic Refills

Want hassle-free refills? We want to help you remember to take your medications. Our free service offering monthly automatic refills is a great program if you are on medications for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma, as well as others. Once you sign up for the program at your M.D. Pharmacy and select which medications you’d like to have automatically refilled, your prescriptions are added to the service.

Customized Medication Packaging

Too many medications to track? Use our convenient, FREE, customized medication packaging called Medicine-On-Time, and reduce the risk of getting your medications confused. You or your loved one may never miss a dose of medication again. Call M.D. Pharmacy today, and ask to speak with an MOT specialist for more information on this wonderful service.

Convenient Drive-Thru

Too sick to get out of your car? All of our pharmacies offer a convenient drive-thru to make your visit as easy and quick as possible!

Online Refills

Need a prescription filled? Now you can easily refill your prescriptions anywhere, anytime from your computer. Refill your prescriptions online, and we will deliver it to your door!

Free Medication Flavoring

Don’t like the taste of your medication? Make your medication go down a bit easier with our fantastic flavoring.

90-Day Prescriptions

Going on Vacation? Get a 3-month supply of your ongoing maintenance medications, and reduce the chances of running out or missing a dose. We will even deliver them right to your door for free.


Misplaced Rx Script from Doctor? Have your doctor conveniently send prescriptions electronically to us, and never worry about losing a paper prescription again. We will even fill and deliver your prescription.


At M.D. Pharmacy, we accept all major insurance plans. It is simple and convenient to fill your prescription with us.

Aetna | Blue Cross & Blue Shield | Cigna | Caremark | Express Scripts | Humana | Medco | Medicare
Medicaid | TennCare | Tricare | United Healthcare | Worker’s Compensation | Much more!

Worker’s Compensation

We will coordinate with your insurance carrier to verify what prescriptions have been approved. Call us, and we’ll ship your Workers’ Compensation medications right to your door, hassle free. We’ll work on your behalf, filling your prescription needs even if your claim has been denied or goes through litigation.


Need a Vaccine? Immunization prepares the body to fight against illness. Our highly skilled pharmacists are trained to conveniently administer a wide range of recommended vaccinations. Below is the list of vaccinations provided at M.D. Pharmacy, along with its availability.

• Influenza: Seasonal (October-January)
• Shingles: Year-round
• Hepatitis A: Year-round
• Hepatits B-: Year-round
• Tdap: Year-round
• Varicella: Year-round
• MMR: Year-round
• Meningococcal: Year-round
• Pneumococcal: Year-round
• Walk-ins are absolutely welcome, although we encourage you to call ahead to ensure that we have the vaccines you need in stock. For more information, ask our pharmacist at M.D. Pharmacy.

We provide immunizations to individuals of all ages Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. We also provide group and workplace immunizations here or at your location. Call our store to schedule a visit.